Vizio VIA microsite and YouTube Channel for Forge Super Bowl spot. featuring Beyonce


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Most Effective Ad of the Super Bowl

- Sands Research,
Neuromarketing firm

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Design and build a microsite in 3 weeks right after Christmas to house Vizio’s Superbowl YouTube Ad Blitz spot that can showcase the apps and hardware, link right into product info and the commerce site. It had to feel premium, integrate with the TV Spot, and be able to handle Super Bowl web traffic

We worked with Grow Interactive to build the microsite in 3 weeks using assets from post production of the TV spot and product assets from previous projects.

During the final days before the Super Bowl, we had clearance to run the Behind the Scenes video. We quickly created annotated versions where the videos would link each other and had the large annotated buttons at the end of the spot transition in the same style as the animations in the spot so it felt like a seamless interactive experience on YouTube.

All traffic to the microsite was coming from the end tags of the TV spots, Super Bowl Ad coverage, and YouTube. We didn’t produce banners for this campaign due to the tight timeline.

Outdated Chocolate Rain reference aside, this Vizio internet apps commercial was a mural of all the greatest things the internet has to offer, all crammed onto a TV. I can have zombies, David After the Dentist and Beyonce on the same thing I use to watch The Bachelor? Sold. Great pitch.
— Television Without Pity

The TV Spot

For VIZIO’s 2010 Super Bowl appearance, we brought together the worlds of Internet video and television in a dramatic spot featuring Beyonce and the Numa Numa kid.

Vizio’s ads during the Super Bowl last night featured fresh Internet sensations David after Dentist, Dramatic Chipmunk, the t-shirt guy, and Chocolate Rain. Timely! Finally, my TV can air memes that made it onto the Today show literally years ago.
— Margeret Lyons, Entertainment Weekly
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