Google Ads Marketing sites eco-system reimagined, redesigned, recoded.


The Results


user acquisition (acquisitions/unique users), Google AdWords


increased Sign up rates for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager


The Ask

Brand Studio was asked to audit and consolidate all the Ads product marketing pages into a cohesive ecosystem to display the products as a portfolio of inter-related products.

Google had a history of marketing managers owning a product for a few years and then moving on to a new piece of business. leaving old sites abandoned or maintained to the latest brand and web standards. There were a lot of sites built at different times, on different platforms. Some were responsive, some were not. Some had products or features that had been deprecated for years. These sites had no singular brand voice, visual design or were easy to navigate from one product or solution to another. Some were not optimized for search.

The Google Ads marketing sites for small-to-medium businesses were prime for an audit and a reorg. We restructured all the products from /ads and /business to funnel down in the product categories down to products, and had them cross-link to related products.

We designed for a new code base on goro, Google’s internal proprietary platform. Creating a new design system merging material design for android and the Google brand for desktop and mobile web. We updated photography and video brand guidelines for future proofing new content and to ensure all new sites express a single brand identity.

25 products, over 100 new web pages

AdMob, AdSense, AdSense for Shopping, AdWords, AdWords Express,  AdWords Express Home Services Ads, AdWords Manager Accounts, Analytics, Business Solutions-Multi Page, Business Solutions-Single Page, Certified Publishing Partners, Insights,  Google My Business, Google for Retail, Google Express, Local Inventory Ads, Shopping Campaigns, Manufacturer Center, Merchant Center, Trusted Stores, Google Shopping Partners

Day-to-day management of Google for Retail, Retail Partners, AdSense, AdMob, Publishing Partners sites

Incubator for Google WebX Standard

Creating brand DNA with Material Design and the Google Brand

Managed UX team and their deliveries, vendor and internal teams

Content Strategy and UX for Publishing and Retail Partner pages



Individual creative for 6 markets, plus standardized creative for tier 2 and 3 markets of all Google for Retail sites, in 37 languages.

Creative Sourcing for Case Study videos

Search and selection of real Google Ads customers for site content, Small and Medium Business photography library, Success Story videos, and Case Studies.

  • AdWords, AdSense, Google for Retail

  • Worked closely with Broadcast and Print producers

Nadine came to my rescue on a massive project for Google, rebuilding over 25 websites simultaneously. Nadine was one of two project managers owning this work. Not only was she game for such a big challenge, but she always had a smile and good humor. Where she really shone was managing multiple stakeholders to eek out the information we needed for content. She also has an editor’s eye and often caught things everyone else missed. In the end the sites looked gorgeous and performed beautifully. I’m really proud of the work we did together.
— Goldy Bardin, Google Cloud Web Properties Lead

Success – by the numbers

Increased Sign up rates by 70%, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

Lead form submissions increased by 359%, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

103% uptick in conversion (account creations/unique users), Google AdWords

2x user acquisition (acquisitions/unique users), Google AdWords

Worked with 85+ Product Marketing Managers

Managed 30 core project members, 4 external agencies, mentored and oversaw performance of 2 direct reports


Featured work

Facebook IQ

Facebook IQ brand redesign and site refresh. Content Strategy, UX Design, Front End coding, design system production.

Google Nexus

Global Google Nexus 5, 7, 10 digital campaign. Production, Art Direction and UX Design.

Google Partners

Google Retail and Certified Publishing Parter sites. UX Design, Content Strategy, Production, Copywriting