Sprint Full Episode Player creative

Prime Time Integration

As one of the few people on the Sprint account that saw every piece of media go out the door and assigned where in the media plan they went, I sought and discovered opportunities where we could maximize interactions based on new ad products with little or no established specs- giving our creative team an opportunity to experiment and explore ways to bring the interactive experiences from our micro-sites and rich media banners into Full Episode player units on the new TV streaming sites abc.com, nbc.com, hulu.com and cbs.com.

What were once rich media resized units with a mini screen, a phone and a button, turned into some of our highest performing units of the thousands of units GSP put out for Sprint. Units with over 13:00 minutes of engagement in some instances.

Built close relationships with online ad teams at espn.com, abc.com, cbs.com, nbc.com and Unicast

Grew the piece of business from rich media resizes at $2,000 each to selling through experiential media with concepts budgeting from $25,000-$75,000 for each unit

Media Strategy for Online Prime Time Integration for Fox 24, NBC Heroes and CBS Survivor within network media buys by Mindshare, and pitching at up-fronts for ABC’s Lost Season 3

User Experience, Interaction Optimization, Information Architecture

Social Media strategy and consulting on Sprint’s Facebook and Myspace accounts

Nextel Direct Connect - Push to Talk

Construction workers with “Push to Talk” phones. Three interactive versions to run during the course of a streaming TV show for ABC.com, NBC.com and Hulu.com. :15 pre-rolls and longer form TV spots mixed in when shows ran longer than 30 minutes.


Sprint Retail - Mother’s Day Full Episode Player

Retail spot to run in the weeks before Mother’s day.

A golden box of chocolates open up, user can selects chocolates from the box. Each of which open either web pages with Sprint phones and accessories to buy on Sprint.com, or downloadable PDF’s for Mother’s Day gifts such as coupons and certificates for acts of kindness and appreciation for Mom.


Featured work

Facebook IQ

Facebook IQ brand redesign and site refresh. Content Strategy, UX Design, Front End coding, design system production.

Google Nexus

Global Google Nexus 5, 7, 10 digital campaign. Production, Art Direction and UX Design.

Google Partners

Google Retail and Certified Publishing Parter sites. UX Design, Content Strategy, Production, Copywriting