Google Partner sites for Retailers and Publishers

The Results


user acquisition (acquisitions/unique users), Google AdWords


increased Sign up rates for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager


Google for Retail Partners

Content and UX Strategy, UX Design, Production, Copy

The Retail team approached Brand Studio when we were revamping the Retail Ads Marketing sites to include a partners site. I worked with the 5 different retail groups to establish and define the different products and services each of the partners provided as well as how to categorize them between groups.

Cross linking component placed throughout the Retail sites environment to the Google for Retail Partners site.

Cross linking component placed throughout the Retail sites environment to the Google for Retail Partners site.

Retail partners connected products to services through filtering

Where she really shone was managing multiple stakeholders to eek out the information we needed for content. She also has an editor’s eye and often caught things everyone else missed. In the end the sites looked gorgeous and performed beautifully. I’m really proud of the work we did together.
— Goldy Bardin, Google Cloud Web Properties Lead

Google Certified Publishing Partners

Content and UX Strategy, UX Design, Production, Copy

Publishing Platforms team approached the Brand Studio to turn the AdSense Partners site into a new partner program that included all publishing partners— partners that would be certified in AdSense, AdMob and DoubleClick—a single certification for all of Google Publisher Ads products.

Product Marketing Manager - interim

After launching and localizing the sites for the larger Ads Marketing sites ecosystem , I was asked to join the Publishing Platforms team as Product Marketing Manager for the remainder of the year to oversee the Certified Publishing Partners program, and finalize the work on the AdSense site redesign and localization.

Product Marketing Manager for Contributor, AdSense and Certified Publishing Partners (November-December 2015)

  • Covered PMM on end of year projects and goals. Q1/Q2 2016 budgets and planning.

  • Oversaw UX site updates and scoped further launch phases of Certified Publishing Partners site from previous role. Worked with embedded agency and Brand Studio Dev team.

  • Oversaw completion of AdSense site localization for 37 countries from previous role.

  • Created, designed and oversaw development of Certified Publishing Partners quarterly emails and landing pages with Sales Team.

  • Served as Certified Publishing Partners Program Manager with OPG Team, ran weekly stand ups.

  • Deprecated AdSense Partners program, redirected to new Certified Publishing Partners program.

  • Initiated the social media strategy for Contributor, a new ad-blocking product where you could still support websites.

  • Editor and copywriter: Case Studies, interviewed publishing partners with team to write more comprehensive case studies in new Google Ads brand voice and tone. Created templates and guidelines for team and on-boarded copywriters to ensure that case studies would all follow same voice and tone, and structure.


I worked together with Nadine on the launch of Google’s Certified Publishing Partner program. Nadine did a great job on especially two key aspects; 1) she was able to lead a large group of complex stakeholders in several orgs to work together towards a common result and 2) she “got things done” not only on time but beyond expectations. Furthermore, despite never having worked with Nadine before the project, she very quickly managed to find a workflow and modus operandi that felt very natural and efficient for all of us. Lastly, Nadine was an extremely valuable source of knowledge and know-how, whom I took (and still trying to take) great inspiration from. I highly recommend Nadine for any similar role.
— Felix Nermark Hjelm, Google, Global Marketing Communications Lead, SMB Product Commercialization, AdSense


Individual creative for 6 markets, plus standardized creative for tier 2 and 3 markets of all Google for Retail sites, in 37 languages.


Featured work

Facebook IQ

Facebook IQ brand redesign and site refresh. Content Strategy, UX Design, Front End coding, design system production.

Twitter Parters

Global Google Nexus 5, 7, 10 digital campaign. Production, Art Direction and UX Design.

Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads marketing sites eco-system merges brand and material design creating a new style for web and mobile web. 25 products, over 100 new pages.